Longbridge Lakes
Contact details Romsey 
Telephone 01794 518885 or 0973 523358 or 01703 739438.
Price 7 two rods, 12 for 24hrs by arrangment only.
Description, stock levels etc... Two lakes with islands, trees and lilies.  
There is a massive head of carp running to 26lb.
Bans & restrictions No Boilies, Peas, Nuts or Beans.
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Contact details Rake
Price 6 - day ticket, 100+ syndicate
Description, stock levels etc... Two adjoining lakes, both containing lots of fish, especially carp, with many doubles, 20`s and even a 30 in the larger lake, features include islands, gravel bars, small weed beds
Bans & restrictions No nuts, braid or loose feed of boilies
Comments or tips A must for every angler who doesn't just enjoy catching fish but also getting away from it all, a brilliant lake that is in the middle of nowhere.
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Somerley Lakes - Meadow, Vincents and Kings
Contact details On the A338 Ringwood to Fordingbridge Road. About 1 mile out of Ringwood on the left at the entrance to the gravel works. 
Ringwood Tackle - 01425 475155
Price Fishable on Christchuch and Wimborne club books.  
Day tickets in advance only from Ringwood Tackle - 01425 475155, at 5.
Description, stock levels etc... Meadow is the big carp lake. Approx 10 carp over 30lb and about 80 to 100 different 20's. Not that many features other than one plateaux, two small islands and a sanctury. Most of the fishing is to the treeline (margins) where the carp can be seen.
Bans & restrictions No nuts or pulses,  
Barbless hooks recommended 
No boats.  
Night fishing is by prior booking only (10 swims available).  
Fishing is from 7am until time on clock in car park.
Comments or tips The margins are probably a good bet on your first visit although the carp can be really annoying and not come out of the marginal bushes. Don't forget the floaters, if you can put up with the gulls.  
Spectacular multiple catches can happen if you catch it right. Fish tight to the ropes of the sanctury, at either end.
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