Longford (Chipstead) Lake
Contact details Holmesdale Angling and Conservation Society 
PO Box 47, Belvedere, Kent, DA17 6WF 
Tel: 01322 437766 
web site 
Lake location isChipstead,Kent 
Price One off Joining Fee 15.00 Seniors 50.00
Description, stock levels etc... 74 Acre Ex-Gravel Pit, Carp to 30lbs, Pike to 29lbs
Bans & restrictions No Bait Bans
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Bax farm Fishery.
Contact details Bax Farm Fishery.

1st Lake:
10 A Day.
10 A Night.

2nd Lake:
4 A Day.
6 A Night.

3rd Lake:
4 A Day.
6 A Night.

Description, stock levels etc...

1st lake holds the bigger carp and barbel.
2nd lake has smaller carp and perch.
3rd lake holds carp, perch, bream.

Bans & restrictions Barbless Hooks Only.
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Contact details
Description, stock levels etc... 70lbers in there cats and carp to 51lb in north juniors not allowed on species
Bans & restrictions no nuts

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