Catterick complex
Contact details End of / Swale Lane,
Catterick Village,
North Yorkshire.
Contact; Gus Greaves, Home; 01677-450093
Mobile: 07971-710801.
Price Annual Subscription (Yearbook) Adult 38, Lady 28, Disabled & Senior citizen 15, Junior (up to 16yo) 9. 
Day ticket 4 
Night Permit, specimen lake only, 35 + yearbook. 
All yearbooks run January to January.
Description, stock levels etc... Four lakes and 1.5-mile of the River Swale. 
Howe (specimen) Lake, carp over 30lb. 2003 best carp 30lb 4oz. Best 2004 Carp 29lb. 
Coply Lake; mixed course fishery, 2003 best carp 27lb 5oz.
Bans & restrictions All Lakes;
No dog biscuits.
No Bait boats or Carp sacks.
Max. 2-rods,
Barbless hooks only. 
Opening times 7am to dusk. 
Comments or tips The carp respond to all baits and methods. Good catches with floating baits.
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Emmotland Ponds
Contact details Langholme Hill Fisheries 
North Frodingham 
YO25 8JS 
Tel: 01262 488226
Price Day Ticket 5-7 
Night fishing 15 first night, 10 each night after
Description, stock levels etc... Four lakes totalling over 10 Acres. Two specimen (over 30lbs) carp lakes and two coarse fishing lakes (one bookable for match fishing). Recently restocked. Species: Carp (common, mirror, crucian, ghost), pike, bream, tench, perch, ide, catfish, roach.
Bans & restrictions Barbless hooks only, no lead core
Comments or tips Visit the Emmotland Ponds website for further information: 
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Westerly lake
Contact details Westerly Lake, Main Street Wheldrake, York Yo19 6AH 
Price 6 for 1 rod; 8 for two rods 
Dawn to Dusk 
Description, stock levels etc... Most varieties of carp, including large grass carp,  
More than 20 fish over 20lbs, lake record 32 lbs; 
large number between 5 and 13 lbs 
Bans & restrictions Barbless hooks only; 
No fixed rigs, or braided hook links; 
No boilies; 
Cat food on hook only. 
Dog biscuits in moderation. 
No night fishing. 
Comments or tips Anglers arriving befire 8am must not call at the lodge, day tickets will be sorted out on the bank. 
Ring to check that there isn't a match on Sunday's 
01904 448500 
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