Kelly's lake
Contact details Bromholme Lane,
Contact Terry Kelly on 01480 450363
Price 5 for a day ticket dawn till dusk, or 10 for a night ticket if accompanied by one of the 20 members
Description, stock levels etc... 2 acres in size overstocked with Carp to over 20lb, many doubles (over 250 at last count) with a large head of genuine wild Carp to 15lb.
Other species include Tench to 11lb 2oz, Bream to 9lb, Roach, Perch and stillwater Barbel.
Bans & restrictions Bait bans are Tiger Nuts and Peanuts.
Leadcore is banned as are Tether rigs.
The management prefer anglers to use Barbless hooks.
Unhooking mats are COMPULSORY.
Comments or tips Zig rigs work well with fruity pop-ups.
Heavily dipped baits are worth a go.
Particles have been the big hit this season.
Boilies have only been permitted since the 1st February 2000 but the carp are having them.
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Fenland Fisheries
Contact details Meadow Drove,  
Price 4 per Day Juniors 
6 per Day Adults
Description, stock levels etc... 2 Day ticket lakes , one of approx 4 acre and the other barelly 1 acre.  
Literally loads of Carp to over 20lb but mainly low doubles. 
Multiple simultaneous runs are very common.  
Also stocked are Bream, Tench, Roach, Rudd, Grass Carp, Zander, Koi Carp, Ghost Carp, and believe it or not, STURGEON.
Bans & restrictions The management prefer day ticket anglers not to use Boilies but the owner is leniant towards this if you are a capable angler and are not going to chuck in 1000's of freebies. Barbless hooks ONLY.  
No night fishing permitted.
Comments or tips There is also a 7 acre lake stuffed full of Carp to nearly 30lb, which used to be suicidal towards boilies ( I haven't fished this lake for over 8 years now)and you could expect to catch between 10 - 20 Carp in a day session.  
This lake is now Syndicated and it costs 200 a season. If the Carp are like they used to be then this is an absolute Bargain!!!!
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Gayhurst Lakes
Contact details Gayhurst, just outside Newport Pagnell, Nr Milton Keynes
Price 75 per year, Weekend Rota. 24 hr session limit.
Description, stock levels etc... A small estate lake of several acres run by Linear Fisheries containing Carp to upper doubles.
Bans & restrictions 2 Rods only
Comments or tips This is a little fished water with a number of vacancies. 
Traditional methods work well here and the lakes are on private land in a beautifull location.  
Removal of Roach and Bream has increased the growth rates and the fish are expected to make it into low 20's later this year.
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