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Kevin Nash Pursuit Rods by Gary Powell

I have been using Nash pursuits (2.75lb t.c.) now for about 8 months and I have had fish from 2lb to 38lb on them.

I find they are a very forgiving rod when playing they are very soft and absorb a lot of the lunges from the fish but with enough power to pull them away from snags and weeds reed beds etc with ease.

There was a lot of talk about them cracking and breaking above there reel seat but I can find any fault with them.

When I was in France this year, I fished a swim where a big chuck was needed, well over 100 yards to a bar to get anywhere near the fish, and with a good cross wind blowing. 4oz leads was brought in to play and the rods performed the cast with ease. I am not the worlds most prolific caster, but the pursuits help me along no end.

They are finished very well, the stainless add ons are a nice touch for the tackle tarts amongst us, and a couple of features, a stainless clip under the rod, which I use all the time, stops your rod moving forward on them fast takes, built in carbon line clip and a depth marker.

All in all it's a good rod with a nice price for the quality.

I can honestly recommend this rod as an all round rod.


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